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4x4 Services Castle Rock

4x4 Service

Front Diff Fluid,

Transfer Case Fluid,

Rear Diff Fluid

Four-wheel drive vehicles have more potential for repairs and routine 4x4 maintenance is the key to preventing permanent damage. Depending on the model, some 4WD SUVs require the transfer case fluid to be changed every 97,500 miles. On bigger trucks, the front and rear differential oil should be changed every 150,000 miles. Smaller trucks that tow frequently and drive on unpaved roads need to have the differential oils and the transfer case fluids changed every 60,000 miles. No matter what type of 4WD you drive, take it frequently into one of our expert technicians to develop a maintenance schedule.

Why is this necessary?

The differential and transfer case fluids keep your drivetrain cool and quiet. Heat causes the fluids to break down and become gummy over time. This creates gear friction and grinding which can lead to even more expensive damage to your drive train. A 4WD & Off Road Repair service will drain all of the old fluid out of the front differential, rear differential and transfer case and replace it with new, clean fluid. By keeping these fluids fresh, you will keep your 4x4 vehicle ready to tackle any terrain that you throw at it.


At Everything Trucks & Auto, we have years of experience with servicing all types of vehicles including 4x4s, AWD, off road and diesel. Schedule a 4x4 Service today to give your car the best, life-prolonging care possible!

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