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Cabin Air Filter Replacement Castle Rock

Cabin Air Filter Service

The cabin air filter keeps dust, exhaust and pollen from getting into the cabin of the car. It keeps the air you breathe clean. If you have allergies or respiratory issues, a dirty air filter can exacerbate these issues each time you ride in the car.

Over time, the cabin air filter gets clogged with the dirt it captures. This makes the heating and cooling system work harder, and of course, means you're breathing more of the bad stuff. Protect you and your passengers by changing your cabin filter as recommended by your car’s manufacturer. Some need to be changed as often as every 12,000-15,000 miles. It depends on the how much you drive and where.


Signs that it’s time for a Cabin Air Filter Service:

  • Noisy air conditioner, especially when on high.

  • Bad odors that don’t seem to go away. (Except you might want to check under your seats first!)

  • The fan isn’t blowing as well or cooling as fast.


The next time you’re at Everything Trucks & Auto for any type of standard or diesel vehicle maintenance, ask our certified mechanics to check the filter and give you an estimate. It may be time for a cabin air filter service that will make that air you and your passengers breathe safer!

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