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     Diesel Engine Oil Change Service Castle Rock

Diesel Oil Change

Conventional wisdom states that you should have your oil changed in a standard vehicle about every 3,000 miles, but diesel engines may be able to go longer. Just because diesel vehicles may go longer in between oil changes, doesn’t mean they deserve any less care.

How often your vehicle needs a diesel oil change will largely depend on how you drive, where you live (your climate), and what you do with your vehicle (i.e. do you often haul heavy loads or tow a trailer). For instance, if you tend to take short trips around town and rarely reach a high MPH, you may need to change your oil more often than a diesel vehicle that regularly drives on the highway. At lower speeds and temperatures, the oil in a diesel engine will accumulate gunk and contaminants faster than if it's driven at higher speeds and allowed to reach hotter temperatures. Check your owner's manual for the best oil change interval for your diesel engine.


Diesel oil changes are critical as these engines are high heat running motors. To get the best care for your vehicle, you need the experts! Our team consists of certified, professional auto technicians who have years of experience in auto repair, including diesel oil change service and engine maintenance. In addition, we’re proud to have served in the U.S. Military, and we draw on our strengths as veterans to provide unparalleled service to our Castle Rock neighbors. Visit our website to learn more and schedule an appointment!

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