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Power Steering System Fluid Flush Castle Rock

Power Steering System Flush

As with all vehicle fluids, power steering fluid breaks down with time and heat. A power steering flush service will remove all of the old fluid and replace it with fresh new fluid, which will keep your power steering system and you happy.

In order to turn the wheels at low speed, you need an optimal power steering system! Vehicles today have much heavier and wider tires than older vehicles, so power steering system flushes are more common than they were in the past. There is very little motion and friction in the power steering system, so no filter exists. Over time, a small amount of debris can build up from wear inside a system. This is natural but it can cause a strain on the components of your power steering system. To remove these particles, a qualified mechanic can perform a power steering system flush and replace the current liquid with new, clean power steering fluid.


A power steering flush is not typically listed a routine vehicle maintenance in the owner’s manual, however, being observant to your vehicle’s health and when it may need it is imperative. At Everything Trucks & Auto, we never want to oversell to our customers, so we recommend following along with your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations. The recommendations vary between manufacturers and mechanics- anywhere from every 2 years to every 60,000 miles. It really depends on your vehicle’s age and performance.


How to determine if you need a Power Steering System Flush:

  • Noise coming from the power steering (moaning and groaning sounds as  you turn)

  • Dirty fluid coming from the power steering system

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