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Car Air Filter Change Castle Rock

Air Filter Service

Give your engine clean air to breathe with a new air filter. A dirty car air filter cuts down the flow of air. It also lets more dirt and grit into the engine. A new air filter gives you more power, better mileage and longer engine life.

What’s the difference between an Engine air filter service and a Cabin air filter service?

  • Your engine air filter protects your engine from outside contaminants.

  • Your cabin air filter protects you and your passengers from inside and outside contaminants.

Frequency of replacement varies depending on the make, model, age, and driving conditions. If you are driving in a bigger city with more traffic and in a hotter climate, you will have to replace your car air filter more often than others. A clogged air filter can hurt acceleration by 6-11% but it is harder to know this decline as it is gradual. The next time you bring in your vehicle for routine maintenance at Everything Trucks & Auto in Castle Rock, ask your trusted mechanic to check your car air filter.

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