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Fuel Injector Cleaning Service Castle Rock

Fuel Injector Cleaning Service

With fuel prices high and environmental awareness at its peak, you want your car getting the best fuel mileage that it can. The best way to keep that number high is to make sure your fuel system is operating at its best. Just like the human body needs blood to deliver oxygen and nutrients, vehicles need an efficient system to deliver a source of energy: fuel!

Fuel injectors will clog up over time with grime and fuel residue that will affect overall power and fuel efficiency. A fuel injector cleaning service will run a pressurized chemical through the fuel injectors that will clean all of the grime and buildup and allow the injectors to work like new. Keeping your fuel system performing at its best will help you use less fuel while getting the most power out of your vehicle.


Symptoms of Fuel Injection Problems:

  • Failed Emissions Test

  • Engine won’t start

  • Fuel Odors

  • Check engine light

  • Unable to reach full RPM

  • Smoke from tailpipe

  • Not as fuel efficient as before.


Why are the fuel injection systems important? They are a big factor in:

  • Speed

  • Throttle

  • Starting the engine

  • Air pressure and volume

  • Regulating engine temperature

  • RPM


As these are the most important factors to an efficient vehicle, schedule your Fuel Injector Cleaning Service with Everything Trucks & Auto in Castle Rock today!

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