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Coolant/Radiator System Flush Castle Rock

Coolant System Flush

The cooling system in your vehicle plays a vital role in keeping your vehicle running at its best. It circulates coolant to keep the engine running at the optimal temperature whether it is a 95 degree summer day or a frigid 12 degree winter night. Coolant runs through the radiator hoses, heater core, and the water pump. If any of these parts become clogged or fail, or if your vehicle is running low on coolant, your vehicle may overheat. Newer vehicles are now loaded with aluminum components that need corrosion protection from the coolant, so having a coolant system flush at recommended intervals is the key to preserving your vehicle’s internal parts as well.  

In addition to keeping your engine running its best, the cooling system keeps you warm on cold winter nights. Coolant loses its protective characteristics over time and multiple heat cycles, and when that happens, rust and corrosion can occur in the vital components of your cooling system. By flushing and refilling the cooling system with new coolant, you ensure that your engine, and you, will stay at the perfect temperature for any climate.

So you may be wondering, is a coolant system flush really necessary every 2-3 years depending on the manufacturer, and the answer is yes. To preserve the life of your vehicle, schedule your routine maintenance with our skilled technicians here at Everything Trucks & Auto in Castle Rock!

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