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Induction System Cleaning Service Castle Rock

Induction System Cleaning Service

Researching a way to increase performance and fuel efficiency. Don’t fall for the shortcuts as regular engine maintenance is the best thing you can do for your vehicle.


An induction system cleaning service is imperative for maintaining your engine. It involves cleaning the air intake valves and the throttle body using special cleaning substances. The throttle body in your vehicle is responsible for managing a proportionate air-fuel mixture so your engine can run smoothly. It is directly linked to the gas pedal, so you can only imagine how important this is, especially when merging onto I-25! 

Modern engines create carbon build up on the throttle body and intake valves in the engine. Fuel is constantly burning while you drive and traces of unburned fuel can lead to these carbon build-ups and deposits. An induction system cleaning service will rid your engine of this carbon build up and improve your vehicle's fuel mileage, throttle response and smooth out the idle.

This service is accomplished by removing the throttle body and cleaning the throttle plate with a specific cleaning solution. Then the inside of the intake manifold and the intake valves are cleaned by introducing the cleaning solution into the induction system and letting it soak into the built up carbon so it can be expelled from the engine on the next drive cycle.


Symptoms that may indicate your need an Intake Valve/Induction System Cleaning Service:

  • Car doesn’t drive as smoothly as before.

  • Car vibrates when you press on the gas.

  • Engine sounds louder than usual.


Keeping the inside of your vehicle's engine clean will make sure you stay on the road and keep the costly repair bills away. Schedule an induction system cleaning service with Everything Trucks & Auto in Castle Rock today!

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