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Gas Fuel Filter Replacement Castle Rock

Gas Fuel Filter Replacement

Fuel filters are at the front line in catching any contaminants from reaching sensitive components like your fuel injectors or combustion chamber that may be in the fuel and residue from your fuel tank. These pleated, porous gas fuel filters eventually plug up and need to be replaced based on what your manufacturer recommends. The accumulation of debris or particles can reduce the amount of fuel that can pass through the filter. Help optimize the performance and longevity of your fuel system with a visit to Everything Trucks & Auto for a gas fuel filter replacement.

Symptoms of a Problematic Fuel Filter

  • Loss of power or response when driving on an incline

  • Check engine light- there is not a sensor directly monitoring the fuel filter, however there is a trouble code for “lean fuel” that can be related to a clogged fuel filter.

  • Engine Misfire when under heavy load or going uphill

  • Stalled Engine when you step on the gas pedal.

  • Engine won’t start even though you have a full tank.

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