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Tire Rotations Castle Rock

Tire Rotations

Each four positions of your vehicle’s tires lead to different daily wearing patterns. Because of this, it is important, and sometimes even required under warranty, to schedule consistent tire rotations with our Castle Rock auto technicians. We recommend referencing your vehicle manual to determine the best schedule for tire rotations, but if you don’t have that information, play it safe with tire rotations every 5,000 miles.

But how does rotating your tires help with uneven wear? Like we mentioned above, the different positions of your tires take on different resistance. For instance, your front tires on a front-wheel drive vehicle are going to experience more of the friction that comes from accelerating, braking, and turning than your back tires would. By swapping the positioning of your tires according to a distinct pattern, you are able to distribute the wear that your tires receive evenly.

The even distribution of wear on your tires will maximize the life of your tires overall. Consistent tire rotations lessen the risk that comes with certain tires wearing down more quickly than others. In addition, rotating your tires balances out the amount of tread wear to keep the depth of your tires uniform.

More than just maximizing your tire life, the biggest benefit of consistent tire rotations is that balancing the wear on your tires ultimately contributes to a smoother drivetrain, supporting the health and performance of your whole vehicle. At Everything Truck & Auto, we recommend staying on top of your tire rotation schedule by pairing this service with your routine oil change. Our experienced vehicle technicians can knock out both services for you at once so you can rest assured that your vehicle has everything it needs to keep you and yours safe on the road.

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